Totals for the year: the Zaporizhzhia region in numbers


«It is said that the numbers rule the world. No, they only show how to rule the world»

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


New Year's traditions are not only a Christmas tree, Olivier, mandarins, Christmas movies, but also a summary of the year.

So we decided to summarize the results of work of our company in 2018. What have we achieved this year? In 2018, we have managed to do a lot:

  • Collaborated with 9 national sociological companies;
  • Implemented 67 data collection projects in the Zaporizhzhia region for our partners;
  • Conducted more than 10 own research projects;
  • Completed more than 700 quota assignments;
  • 92 interviewers / stenographers worked with us on the various projects;
  • Our interviewers traveled more than 60,000 kilometers to implement projects (this distance is 10 times greater than the length of the land borders of Ukraine!);
  • Interviewed 10 292 respondents;
  • Wrote more than 1 853  minutes of transcripts.

In the meantime, our team is planning its activities for the next year, we suggest you to look through a brief statistical overview of the Zaporizhzhia region for 2018. What is the population structure of the Zaporizhzhia region? What labor potential do we have? Has the average salary changed? How is the local budget of Zaporizhzhia performed: how much is planned and how much is implemented?

Look details in the presentation.


We are open to ideas and partnerships! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us by phone +380 97 7213496 or write to

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