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Have you got an actual need to research your target group? Maybe, to define it? Market segments, competitive environment study, advertisement effectiveness analysis or development of investment strategy, testing of new package samples etc.? Consulting on media planning? Revealing of inside and deep motivations of behavior? Then, we would like to present you what we can be useful to you at.

Segmentation of the market of goods / services

Result: creation of socioeconomic, psychographic profile of the target groups of goods / services consumers.

It is based on the following analysis:

  • motivations of consumption;
  • value models, that define the behavior of a consumer;
  • lifestyles of various consumer categories;
  • social demographic profiles of consumers;
  • brand values.

Understanding the logic / motivation of different categories of consumers’ behavior and knowing the values of brand, we define the target groups and / or high priority niches for entering the market increasing the share of market presence.

Analysis of a competitive environment

Result: definition of competitive advantages and specific features of positioning at the market.

It is based on:

  • analysis of risk of new competitors’ emerging at the market;
  • analysis of risk of new goods / services-substitutes emerging at the market;
  • disclosure of competitors and segments of their presence;
  • assessment of competition level;
  • assessment of competitors’ resources;
  • assessment of advantages and downsides of competitors;
  • assessment of own competitive advantages;
  • analysis of competitors’ development perspectives;
  • analysis of customers’ development perspectives.

Understanding the players’ disposition at the market, we choose the optimal action strategy, corresponding to the competition conditions.

Study of consumer preferences and tracking of the changes

Result: : adjustment of positioning strategy, extending of target segment, formation / increasing of brand loyalty level.

It is based on the analysis of the following:

  • peculiarities of consumers preferences;
  • reasons of loyalty to the product / service;
  • drivers and barriers in the process of the good / service choice;
  • products / services of competitors;
  • products / services - substitutes;
  • marketing activities of competitors;
  • nature of changes (corelation to the sociodemographic, socioeconomic, value and other features of consumers categories, consumption frequency, rate of consumption etc);
  • loyalty to the brands under research.

Understanding the reasons and the nature of consumer preferences changes, we timely react on the revealed changes of the target market.

Service quality monitoring

Result: increasing of loyalty level to the brand through the system of non-financial endorsement.

It is based on the analysis of the following:

  • products / services quality;
  • product / services cost;
  • expectations of consumers concerning the quality and cost of products / services;
  • fulfillment by staff of the company’s standards of service quality;
  • reason of the consumer “dissatisfaction”;
  • procedures of work with the consumers’ dissatisfaction;
  • peculiarities of communication with consumer.

Knowing how the consumers will assess the service quality and goods / services quality as a whole, we increase the level of service standards and promote the formation of positive communication of the company with its customers.

Testing of promotional materials / appearance of the product / outlets, assessment of effectiveness of advertising messages and promotional materials

Result: development of advertisement strategy, definition of redesign basis, adjustment of advertising strategy.

It is based on the analysis of the following:

  • peculiarities of sensing by the target group of elements of promotional materials / package / brand elements etc;
  • insights;
  • consumers associations with images / ideas / colors etc of the elements of the brand and / or its promotional products;
  • drivers of consumers’ behavior.

Understanding what kind of associations, emotions, thoughts can be called by brand’s elements and its promotional materials, we increase the efficiency of advertisement and informational messages

Analysis of brand image in the consumers’ mind

Result: building-up of a strong brand, definitions of the basis for formation of the “firewall” against competitors.

It is based on the analysis of the following:

  • peculiarities of sensing by the target group of brand elements;
  • peculiarities of sensing by the target group of competitors’ brand;
  • advantages and downsides of customer and competitors brands;
  • brand “core”;
  • close relation of the brand values to the value basis of consumers.

Understanding of how we want brand of our customer to be sensed by the target group, and knowing how it is being sensed now, allows us to develop favorable image of the brand and to enforce its position at the market.

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